Topaz bit disappointing, but Jade Bundessiegerin 2015 !!!

Yesterday we went tot the Bundessiegershow in Dortmund.  First our little boy Topaz went into the ring. our handler Jitka Svobodová did an excellent job in showing the dogs, a big thank you for that !

The Judge of the day, mrs. Lisbeth Mach (CH) was a very serious judge and was quite severe in her judging. Many Very Goods were given and so to Topaz, although the judging report was rather positive. A little setback to begin with.

IMG_4260 IMG_4234

IMG_4258 IMG_4255

Than our lady Jade was on. She participated in the open class. Jitka again was doing a wonderful job again and since Jade knows Jitka from years back now, Jade showed herself full of convidence. To our big joy Jade was best bitch of the day and became Bundessiegerin 2015 which means that another Crufts adventure is in the making ! 🙂 (Judging reports of course on the result pages (Elba and Topaz menu)

Bundessiegerin 2015 Jade IMG_4228 IMG_4332 Jade Bunderssiegerin

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