Crufts adventure

Our adventures in the Vizsla world

Februari, 25 th 2013:
We are getting close !!! When Jade became Jugendbundessiegerin in Dortmund last October, to our surprise we heard that she now became an official Crufts qualified dog 🙂
Years ago when BBC still broadcasted the Crufts finals, we talked about going to Crufts just one time. It has been a dream ever since, but we never came to the decision to follow the dream. This time we said to each other: “This is a once of a lifetime chance we cannot let pass”.
This was the omen we needed to make the decision: We will go to Crufts 2013 !!!
Last months we prepared: got our Authority to compete, booked the hotels we will need, booked the Eurotunnel train, and went to ring training. Next week the time arrived.
We will leave to Henry Ruys at Thursday to drop off Robijn who will stay at his place until Monday. From there we will continue the journey to Knokke-Heist in Belgium where we will stay for the night until Friday morning. Than we will continue to travel to Calais, France. Take the train in the Euro tunnel to Folkestone, where we will arrive Friday around noon. Than drive on to Birmingham where we found our Bead an breakfast.
Friday we will show Jade in the Yearling class (Jade will be nearly 17 months old). We cannot wait, are quite excited en just hope that she will score an excellent (that would be just great and would make us very proud !).
Sunday around noon back to Folkestone, around 7 PM arrive in Calais and home around midnight. Well, that is the planning in any case 🙂

The Actual visit:

Our visit to Crufts 2013 has come to an end. It was one of the greatest adventures ever. And we are very, very happy with the results. Jade performed great under her great handler Pája. Jade was judged in a group of 13 Yearling bitches. After examining all bitches, judge Larry Wilks pointed out the best 5, and Jade was one of them !!!! We were over the moon of joy !!

Another round of running and than …….. suddenly Larry pointed to Jade first !!!

What did it mean? Seconds of doubt and YES Pája placed Jade first in line !!!
Jade ended First in Class at Crufts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unbelievable !! It took at least half an hour before the news sank in. We never, never expected our girl to get a first price at the dog show we have known for so many years.

The tension is rising 🙂

Finally, Jade in the ring, together with Kirra, who was shown by Jitka

Pája is a pro as you can see 🙂

The judge, Mr. Larry Wilks

Jade’s turn to be judged…..

What does he think, was does he feel, what ….. ? We are feeling our stomach….

Jade first in class

And the end result is ….. FIRST PLACE !!!! A dream come true !


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