No litter planned in 2017


All pups have been placed / alle pups zijn geplaatst


Eating and playing 😉

WP_20140612_002 WP_20140612_007 WP_20140612_006

15-5-2014: We love our mother !

IMG_3148 (Large)

10-05-2014: lovely couple 🙂

IMG_3127 (Large)

9-05-2014: Happy family

IMG_3115 (Large) IMG_3116 (Large) IMG_3117 (Large)  IMG_3123 (Large)IMG_3122 (Large)

2-05-2014: First portraits of the boys and girls

The boys:

IMG_3015IMG_3028IMG_3023 IMG_3039

The girls:

IMG_3037 IMG_3035 IMG_3031 IMG_3021

23-04-2014: X-ray shows medium size litter / Röntgen laat gemiddeld nest zien

Röntgen Jade

Vandaag hebben we een röntgen laten maken van Jade en hierop zijn zeker 6 pupjes te zien. Wellicht hebben we er nog een gemist, maar dat zien we 1 of 2 mei wel 🙂

De laatste loodjes gaan ook voor Jade tellen, ze groeit goed, maar begint ook een beetje onrustig te worden.

Today an X-ray was made of Jade. It shows 6 puppies for sure, not sure if we missed one :).  We will see what happens May 1st or 2nd.

The final stage counts for Jade now, she grows well, but she also is getting a bit restless.

10-04-2014: Jade three weeks before D-day / Jade drie weken voor dé dag !

Jade 3 weeks before D Day

28-02-2014: Pregnancy Jade confirmed / Zwangerschap Jade bevestigd !!!!

Vanmiddag zijn we (28 dagen na de dekking) met Jade de echo wezen maken. En wat we in gedrag en aan haar fysiek al sterk hebben vermoed bleek gelukkig ook op de echo zonneklaar: Jade is in blijde verwachting van haar eerste nestje met pups !!!!

De ampullen waren op de echo goed te zien en de dierenarts kon ze ook voelen.

Volgens het boekje moeten de pups 1-2 mei geboren worden. Zodra dit het geval is melden we dat natuurlijk meteen !!!

Echo Jade 1

Today we went (28 days after the mating with Fjerro) for the ultrasound. What we noticed in her behaviour en her physical changes, made us quite sure that she is pregnant. To our joy this also proved very, very clear on the ultrasound. Jade is in happy expectation her first litter !!!!

The ampoules were clearly visible on the ultrasound and the vet could also feel them.

According to the books, the puppys will be born may 1st-2nd. As soon as this is the case we will immediately publish this of course !

Echo Jade 2



28-02-2014: Jade has been mated !

Yesterday and today Jade has been mated by Fjerro. Of course we hope she will prove to have been fertilized.  The progesteron and LH tests and the unmistakable behavior of Jade and Fjerro proved that these were the right days for mating.

We will have to have patience for another four weeks. March 28th we will go for an echo to be sure.

We will keep you posted 🙂

16-02-2014 Jade has gone into heat !

Finally, Jade has gone into heat ! 🙂

This means all the planning will now be taken into action. As we plan now, the mating will take place 1-2 march. We will keep you posted…



At the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 we plan to have the first litter with Jade !


Elba z Tišnovských revírů “Jade” is one of the bitches of the “E” litter of mother Arany z Tišnovských revírů and Vadásfai Zenit. The bloodline is typical for a high level of working qualities, a very lively, balanced character and a well proportioned, muscular body with the right hooking and movement. Medium size (59 cm). Apart from that, she is a very nice housemate for the family. She shows herself easy and with confident. But she’s perfectly happy when she can work in the fields and forests. Her show results are impressive and shown at the show results page. Bundesjugendsieger 2012 at the Dortmund show and first in class at Crufts in 2013 are the highlights. Size 59 cm, weight 22 kg, HD-A, Norberg 38

Fjerro zittend

NL CH, NLJ CH Vadászpajtás Charon-Dorceus “Fjerro” Winner’12, CQ is a beautiful well balanced, good size (63 cm) stud dog. Fjerro was selected because of the elegance and grace, the perfect hooking, the great movement, the balanced and friendly character as well as a huge drive to work. And, as the judges called Fjerro: “he is a noble dog”. He loves searching the fields and is in control of his nerves all the time. Apart from that Fjerro is a very affectionate housemate. The show results from Fjerro are impressive as well (see Fjerro show results in the sub-menu under the litters page). Although he has not been shown on many shows he became Dutch youth champion (2011) and Dutch champion (2012). One of the highlights is his title Winner in Amsterdam 2012 ! Size 63 cm, weight 28 kg, HD-A, Norberg 35

From this litter we expect a perfect combination of strength, working qualities and grace and elegance. And, above all, a litter of very nice stable, friendly housemates in the making !

Would you be interested in a pup from this promising combination, please let us know. If we think you would be one of the ideal parents of Jade’s children, we will be glad to add you to the waiting list.

And this is how the pedigree of the litter will look like:

Pedigree litter Jade & Fjerro

Perfect groom for Jade found !

We have found the perfect “groom’ for Jade. We are very happy that we have found NL CH, NLJ CH Vadászpajtás Charon-Dorceus “Fjerro” Winner’12, CQ to be the perfect match for Jade.

Collage Fjerrro
We present to you: Fjerro

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