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This page contains the show results of Jade

11 March 2016 Crufts Birmingham (Great Britain). Judge Mrs. S.L. Harris

Jade scored 3rd place in the open bitch class.

Jade Cufts 2016 certificate

16 October 2015 Dortmund Bundessiegershow (Germany), Judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach (CH)

Jade scored best bitch in open class and best bitch of the day and thus became Bundessiegerin 2015 and Crufts qualified

Jade Dortmund 2015 Bundessieger certificaat Jade Dortmund 2015 certificaat Jade Dortmund 2015 judge

Translation of the Judge report:

Very friendly dog with excellent hair color, correct typical building with charisma and good angulation and muscle. Correct level, outstanding head fitting to the body. Slight roman nose, otherwise all parts correctly. Slight roman nose, otherwise all parts correctly. Superb action and appearance.

14 december 2014 Amsterdam Winnershow (Netherlands), Judge Mrs. Anca Giura (RO)

Jade scored Very Good and 3rd bitch in the open class

Jade Winner 2014 judge 001

18 oktober 2014 Bundessiegershow Dortmund (Germany), Judge Mrs. Sigrid Jarmer (A)

Jade scored Excellent and was 2nd bitch in the open class

Jade Dortmund 2014 urkunde Jade Dortmund 2014

Translation of the Judge report:

Typical compact bitch. Beautiful head, good expression, long neck, very good forechest, good shoulder position, very well molded rib basket. Solid short loin, back slightly open knee angle, in the brisk motion, she should show more thrust. Very sweet nature.

15 december 2013 Winner show Amsterdam (Netherlands), Judge Mr. Zsolt  Lokodi (RO)

Jade scored Excellent en was fifth bitch in the open class

judge report Jade Winner 2013

13 october 2013 Dortmund (Germany), Judge Mr. Boris Spoljaric (Hun)
Jade scored 3rd Very Good

Jade Dortmund 2013

Translation of the judge report:

2 years old, teeth correctly, are well set ears, neck okay, movement a bit open, walked a bit short. In motion upper body line not straight. Easy temperament.

10 august 2013 Zakupy (Czech republic), Judge Mr. Ing. Václav Vlasák
Jade scored V2 Excellent, res CAC
Rapport Jade Zakupy 2013

Translation of the judge report:
Medium built, rectangular body, typical head, correct lines and angulation, 59cms, brown eyes

1 june 2013 Oss (Netherlands), Judge Mr. P. Król (Poland)
Jade scored V1 Excellent
Show Oss 2013

Translation of the judge report:
Typical bitch. Beautiful head. Fine neck. Excellent body. Proper movement.

9 march 2013 Crufts (Great Britain), Judge Mr. Larry Wilks (GB)
Jade scored First in the Yearling Class

See Crufts results Vizsla 2013:
Crufts 2013 result Jade

26 januari 2013 Clubmatch REO Rijssen (Netherlands), Judge Mr. A. Bijker (Netherlands)
Jade scored excellent, was BOB and ended 5th in the gundog final
Clubmatch Rijssen 20130126

Translation of the judge report:
16 months, slightly stretched bitch who could have a little more front and rear angulation. Good size, enough lining. Clearly feminine head with good expression, scissor bite, excellent ear. A bit much lip, good body. Good legs and feet. good hair. Plenty of gait, can impel a bit more.

12 october 2012 Bundessieger show Dortmund (Germany), Judge Mrs. Jeanine Bandel (Germany)
Jade scored excellent, jugend CAC and became Jugendbundessiegerin and Crufts qualified
Jade Dortmund Bundessieger rapport
Translation of the judge report:
Typical feminine head. Neck could be a little bit dryer. Beautiful proportions. Good fixed movement, with correct upper line. Under line can win some substance. Excellent run and angled forehand with good reach, rear movement thrust fully and ground covering, which is also done in parallel. Shows herself confident in fixed position.

Jade Dortmund Bundessieger Bundesjugendsieger

Jade Dortmund Bundessieger eindoordeel

11 august 2012 Show ZK Zakupy (Czech Republic), Judge Mr. Wojciech Burski (Poland)
Jade scored a CJAC and excellent
Rapport Jade Zakupy 2012
Translation of the judge report:
Good proportions, typical feminine head, good eye pigmentation, typical ear, good neck, good chest, very good angulation in the back, excellent temperament, effect movement, often passes (this is the type of movement when both right legs go together and both left legs go together).

28 januari 2012 Clubmatch Rijssen (Netherlands), Judge Mr. G. Mensink (Netherlands)
Jade scored Very promising and Best baby
Clubmatch KC Rijssen 20120128 Jade 001
Translation of the judge report:
Bitch of 5 months, excellent race and gender type. Feminine head with good ratio skull and muzzle. Good eye, ear and teeth. Good neck and back lines. Slightly sloping basin with some low tail set. Shows already deep chest for het age. A little short in the loin. Good angulation front and rear, good legs and feet. Potentially good coat, but could be a little darker. Movement still very young, but shows that they can handle it well.

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